Everything You Need to Know
about the Forex $100k Challenge

The Forex $100K Challenge is a free-to-join trading contest featuring a $100,000 grand prize goal in capital gains on the Foreign Exchange Market. Your entry includes a free account on a certified Forex platform with real cash and real gains made in the company of expert traders. No trading experience is required, and we welcome new traders and professional traders alike. Join now to start trading and receive an immediate contest introduction and begin your rise towards $100K.


Why Join the Challenge

We transform your trading experience from a solo risky venture to a secure, collective and profitable enterprise in the company of seasoned Forex veterans. The 100K Challenge is designed to make the Forex markets safer and more accessible than ever thanks to the revolutionary power of networking and automated technology placed in capable hands.

Getting Started How It Works

Sign up now for a free account and register membership with the 100K Challenge platform right from your phone or personal computer. Once registered, download the Telegram app and join our group for real-time trading alerts and watch as your profits take off from one seamless trade to another. Make daily gains as you acquire invaluable experience and join our FB Group for contest updates to see where you stand on the road to $100K in Forex capital gains.


Join Challenge

Complete our straightforward sign-up process. Provide your basic info,and move one step closer to $100k.

Open Account

Open a personalized trading account and grow your income. With a few clicks, you’ll gain access to unlimited opportunity.

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Enhance your trading experience by downloading our cutting-edge platform apps and connect with us on our social media.

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Now, the excitement begins! Listen for our calls, follow our strategies and watch your trading account grow.